GALACTIVATE ! Upgraded !!!

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GALACTIVATE is a Superconducting Monoatomic Mineral Supplement . Its elements go directly to the brain so it can properly assist and repair the body and build the immune systhem. The ingredients are spring water and three types of dead sea salt so it is a M3 state Ormic suppliment.All that put in a reflective chamber and photonically enhanced .Also EMF Shielded while in production. Which means the minerals have a very high light potency which makes them communicate much better with the blood and your cells. The idea is to correct your repair and cell settings back to nature . SO your body gets source energy from the mineral kingdom. Science has proven once your brain is fully nurished it needs less food (waste) less sugar cravings and has the full capacity to keep the immune systeme alert and build the body back to its original state. You take this at any age . The ancients (Natives) and indigenous nation did it . SO can you . The base of course is ORMUS Photonically activated!This supplement is not FDA approved . This is for your entertainment only . You are responsible for your dosage so make sure you know your tolerance level . DOSAGE FOR BEGINNERS:Half a teaspoon in the morning . You can up your dosage up to three teaspoons a day but be easy on your bodies tolerance level . Drink lots of water with it . Also Dilute it with orange juice because its concentrated minerals . It will alkalize your cells in moderation. AT some point your weight should regulate it self depending on the layers of cleansing the body goes through .For those that like milk products try to cut sugar and milk and limit coffee intake to have your efx xlr8ted :)Get your senses cleared now invest in your health !This product does not cure diagnose heal or cure any physical illness if you you have severe health issues always contact your doctor . Also do your own investigation and read about what people report and there opinions . This product is blessed with shuman resonant frequencies 7.83hz and also we played 432hz music while in storage. The product is stored in a EMF protective Photonic chamber . Make sure you keep your product cool and in the EMF bag so its ormus state is maintained . When we care the the universe answers.Now with Hawaii seasalt . Lemurian oceanic information matrix added. Plus Kauai programming.